the taste强奷漂亮少妇高潮a片

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the taste强奷漂亮少妇高潮a片

Monica picks up the story.I know I have severely disappointed my Sensei and that now I will be punished. I find I’m looking forward to the punishment on many levels and that confuses me. Is this what I’ve always wanted? Is my mind sick? I’m led down to the cellar where I see, in the middle of the room, a chain hung from the rafter with what looks like Velcro straps and two more fastened to the floor. I feel my cunt twitch and become wet. Ironically, though I’ll be restrained, I feel a sense of freedom, a complete loss of control. What I’ve been wanting most of my life. . Submission.Sensei leads me to the chains, removes my robe, and tells me to raise my hands above my head. He tells me to stand on the balls of my feet and stretch higher and then he fastens the cuffs around my wrists. I’m left with all my weight on the balls of my feet and my toes. I’m told to move my feet out to spread my legs. I do but it’s painful to my toes moving like that. My ankles are fastened to the cuffs and I am wide open.Nothing happens for what seems like hours but is really only minutes or maybe seconds. I hear a WHOOSH – SMACK. The pain on my left buttock is exquisite, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s in a very small spot but the pain radiates outward like a pebble dropped into water. Before I can process the feeling completely WHOOSH – SMACK on my right cheek. I open my mouth to scream, knowing that I shouldn’t, but nothing comes out. My mind is so confused with the pain that I can’t form a coherent thought. WHOOSH – SMACK now on the inside of my left thigh. My God! WHOOSH – SMACK on the inside of my right thigh. The pain from my ass and thighs has radiated to a spot close to my anus and I feel an unfamiliar tingle there. Why? I don’t understand. As my brain processes the pain and the new tingle a single thought appears. This is good. I feel pleasure in the pain. I feel the wetness building in my pussy and am afraid it will drop to the floor. I want more but it is a mistake to ask. I don’t think my Sensei will disappoint though.Sensei has moved in front of me now and I see the instrument of my pleasure/pain. It’s a riding crop. A long thin stick of plastic with a small leather strap at the end. WHOOSH – SMACK on top of my right breast just above the aureole. It spreads like fire and now my nipple is aflame and engorged. Another strike to the exact same spot on my left breast so that both nipples are harder than I’ve ever seen them and I am engulfed in a pleasure that I can feel in my whole body. Where has this pleasure been all my life? I embrace it now with my entire being and can’t wait for the next strike. The leather of the crop lands on my cunt lips right over my clit. The entire world is reduced to the waves of pleasure throughout my body. I can’t think, I can’t speak, I can’t hear. My legs no longer support me so I hang by my wrists.“Thank you, Sensei, for my punishment. May I please cum now, please?”“Yes”The next sensation is like no other I’ve ever felt but pray I will feel again. This is what it’s like when your entire body, not just your pussy, cums. My juices poured from my cunt and streamed down my legs. The accumulated pleasure in my tits, pussy, and anus was so overwhelming I let go and just experience it. I am not embarrassed by my debasement; I am liberated. My ankles and then my wrists are released and I melt to the floor as if I had no bones.“Lick up those juices from the floor. They’re not to be wasted.”I lick the juices hungrily. They are musky and strong but they are mine and I can’t get enough.“When the floor is clean come up to the living room and lay face down on the couch.”“Yes, Sensei.”I continue to lick the floor until I can find no more of the heady fluid. I stand with difficulty and am quite wobbly but make my way up the stairs and lay face down on the couch. Sensei kneels on the floor beside me and rubs lotion on both his hands. He then caresses the lotion on my ass cheeks where the crop had struck. He repeats the process on my inner thighs, has me roll over, and lotions my breasts. He is showing me that punishment does not exclude love; punishment is love. Warmth suffuses my body and I am overwhelmed with emotion. My nipples harden and my pussy is wet. I am where I’ve always wanted to be.Kyle continues the story.I sent Monica upstairs to shower and instructed her to give herself no fewer than 3 enemas. I also instructed her to trim her pussy so that there was no hair below the top of the cleft and any hair above was neatly trimmed. Having inspected her lush body downstairs, I was more turned on than ever. My dick was harder than it’s ever been. I’ve never measured it but I’d guess it’s between 7 to 8 inches long and 1.5 to 2 inches thick when hard. It softens to about half that. My balls are the size of chicken eggs and the sack hangs down below my flaccid cock. Once while showering after a swim meet, I noticed a younger guy, probably a freshman, staring at my package out of the corner of my eye. I decided to have some fun so I slowly soaped my way down my chest and ran my hand from base to head on my cock and then back to the base. I pulled the loose skin below the head back (I’m cut) and soaped around the head. The guy was so engrossed that he couldn’t see me watching and his dick was stiffening so I lifted my dick with one hand and soaped my balls slowly with the other. He was now completely hard and unconsciously stroking himself faster. I turned my back to him, bent over slightly so my ball sack would be visible between my legs, spread my ass cheeks, and ran a hand the length of the crack. I put my index finger into my asshole up to the first knuckle and ran it in and out a couple of times. I couldn’t see him anymore but I heard him moan. I just smiled, rinsed off, and got dressed. I noticed my dick had gotten semi-hard which made me wonder; am I bisexual? Very possible. But I digress.Monica returned naked and smelling like lilacs. Her plump body nearly glowed and she was smiling.“How do you feel, child?”“Like I’ve been reborn, Sensei. I want to thank you again for my punishment and tell you that even though I don’t want to displease you, I hope it happens again, soon.”“Did you enjoy it?”“I still can’t put it into words, Sensei, but yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”“Did you learn from it?”“Oh yes, Sensei, and I learned how much your truly love me.”“I’m glad. Now I require relief. Come kneel in front of me and remove my shorts.”She literally ran over to me and dropped to her knees between my outstretched legs. I lifted my butt as she drew my shorts and boxers down and off. I hadn’t showered yet so I imagine the smell was quite pungent. No matter.“Now I will instruct you on how to give me proper oral pleasure. I require pleasure from a blowjob. That pleasure isn’t measured by how fast you can bob your lips up and down my cock but how slowly and sensually. You make love to it like it’s the most precious thing you’ve ever had in your mouth. Your tongue reaches out for all of the tastes that it can find and relishes them. Your hand moves on the shaft in rhythm with your lips and tongue. Start by tonging and gently sucking my balls.”She started by lifting my cock and laying it back gently on my stomach and holding it there. With her other hand underneath my ball sack she lifted it and began licking and sucking. The feeling was incredible. I laid my head back on the couch and enjoyed.Monica tells of her first blowjob.I had never given a man a blowjob in my life. My dear, gentle husband thought it was demeaning and would never let me taste him. Now my mind and my eyes were focused on the only thing I wanted to do in my life to this point; make mouth love to my Sensei’s genitals. The scent of his sex and sweat was strong but I couldn’t get enough of it and breathed in slowly and deeply. As I laid my tongue on those beautiful things my mind and senses exploded. The smell, the taste, the texture on my tongue, the sight before my eyes, the weight of them in my hand! All my senses were saturated, my heart melted, and my only function on earth was to make love to these incredible creatures. I licked, I sucked, I kissed, and still it wasn’t enough. I lifted the heavy sack and continued on the back of his balls. Oh my God! Lick, suck, kiss. A new aroma reached my nose and my tongue went in search of it. I licked that small area between the base of my lust and his nether hole. That wasn’t it but the enticing smell was stronger. With no hesitation, no thought to what I was doing, I continued until I found the source and thought I might faint from the desire in me. Nothing could stop me from licking around the puckered hole that my tongue had found. More sensory overload; the taste, the smell,chinese熟妇与小伙子mature the feel of it on my tongue. Yes. I tried to lick the taste off because I wanted it but to my delight I couldn’t. There was more. I probed the tight little hole with my tongue but couldn’t penetrate it. I tunneled my tongue and finally got the tip into the hole but found it impossible to keep it there. This was heaven but I’d neglected Sensei’s balls and thought I might be in trouble. I left my new found joy and worked my way back up to that sack and was just as happy there.“It’s time for you to make love to my cock, child.”OH YES! A new sensation but a new challenge. I brought that gorgeous length of man meat from his stomach to an inch in front of my face. It was slightly stiff but not completely hard yet. I licked the shaft from the base slowly to the head. A new taste and feel! I kissed the purple mushroom head and whispered “I love you”. The smell and taste was overpowering and I couldn’t wait anymore so I put the head to my lips and let it part them until I could feel the head resting on my tongue. I swirled my tongue around it and let the rest enter my mouth as far as it would go. My tongue darted everywhere to discover the new tastes and textures. The shaft was now completely hard. The head had reached the back of my throat but there was still more shaft that I wanted in my mouth. Not knowing how to solve this dilemma from experience I swallowed a few times while trying to get the head farther in. In the middle of a swallow, I felt the head slide past my gag point and into my throat. I stopped for just a few seconds and was able to overcome the gag reflex and became comfortable with the huge mushroom where it was. I wanted to scream out my joy – I did it! But knew I wasn’t done. Time was irrelevant so I don’t know how long I worked my lips up and down the hard shaft. I only knew that I had to make this living thing in my mouth and throat feel better than it had ever felt before. I didn’t work it, I loved it. My body was on fire with the joy of it. My body was moving to a sexual peak to which it had never been. Too soon….“I’m going to release my seed into your mouth now, child. Put just the head in your mouth and suck my seed out of my balls.”I slid the shaft out until just the head was in my mouth and continued to lick, suck, and love the shaft with my hand. I didn’t want it to end but I wanted to taste the cum more than anything. I took a chance and let the cock out of my mouth as I looked at my God, my Sensei.“Please, Sensei, fill my mouth with your love. Give me what I crave and let me taste your juices as I have tasted the rested of you. Cum for me now.”I took the mushroom back into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I could feel a new tension in the shaft in my hand and prepared as much as I could, never having had a man cum in my mouth before. The first jet hit the back of my throat and then lay down in a rope back to its source. I reveled in the force and the taste of it. I was swallowing when the next rope was released and almost gagged but fought it, blocked my throat, and finished my swallow. I couldn’t concentrate on the taste as much as I wanted to if I was to swallow it all. The force of the jets started to decrease after I don’t know how many so I was able to save the juice in my mouth until he was finished. My taste buds were alive with the salty sweetness and just the man taste. I finally swallowed the last of it but the taste lingered and I savored it. The beautiful prick softened and just slid out of my mouth.“That was excellent, child. You’ve done that before.”“Oh No, Sensei. You are the first man that I’ve had in my mouth. Thank you I loved it!”“You’re welcome, slut. You are a slut aren’t you?”“I am your slut, Sensei, yes. I am your whore and your slut, a worthless cunt and I want to be used in any way that pleases you. I love when you call me those names.”“I’m going to shower now, little cunt, and I want you to rest and when I come back we’ll continue your training.”“May I bathe you again my Sensei?”“Not this time my bitch. Rest, you’ll need it.”Kyle continues.I took a long shower and thought about what I had planned for my little sub. Up to now my Dom fetish was being satisfied even more than I’d hoped but any self-will she may still have needed to be eliminated. I dried off and put on just shorts; no shirt or underwear. When I got to the living room she was sprawled on the couch with her head back on the cushion and her eyes closed. I could see shiny streaks on her thighs where pussy juice had dried.“Get up whore.” I thought she’d fall off the couch.“I’m awake, Sensei.”“Go over and kneel over that puddle of piss you left on the floor. Now lay down in it and roll around in it until there’s more on you than on the floor. Smear it on your body with your hands then get your nose down in it. I want you to smell your mistake.”She got down and rolled that big body in the puddle and smeared it on her face. Then she stuck her nose down and took a good whiff of it.“Did you smell it, pig?”“Yes, Sensei.”“What did it smell like?”“It smelled like piss, Sensei.”“It should have smelt like failure you fucking whore. Now go to the kitchen and get something to clean up the rest of it while it dries on your body. Be quick!”When she was finished I yelled “Kneel” and she kneeled up straight.“Now lift a tit to your mouth and lick it.”“But…”“Did you say BUT?”“No, Sensei.”“Well, what does it taste like?”“Failure, Sensei.”I had two items in my hand that I’d purchased earlier. One was a butt plug and the other was a tube of lube. The plug was shaped like a spade on a deck of cards but being her first, it wasn’t very wide at the bulb. I had others in the box. I laid them on the floor in front of her.“That is a butt plug and lube. You may use as much of the lube as you need. You have 2 hours to work the plug into your little asshole. Your ass will be pointed at me at all times so I can watch your progress. Have you ever had anything up your asshole before? Have you ever been butt fucked?”“Oh No, Sensei. The only thing that has ever gone up my ass is the enema I had earlier. I don’t think that plug will fit in me. It looks awfully big!”“It will fit so I suggest you use the lube wisely and get started. You might want to loosen it up with your fingers first. You have 1 hour and 55 minutes left.”Monica snatched up the lube and the plug and smeared the lube on. I threw her a pillow to rest her head on so she could bend over and use both hands. She put a lubed index finger to her little pucker hole and explored it. She slid the finger in to the first knuckle and stopped to see what it felt like. Deciding it wasn’t all bad she ran the finger around the sphincter a few times. She worked the finger in and out in a mini-fuck and I heard an “OHH” and a soft moan. At this point she was thinking this wasn’t gonna be that hard. She grabbed the plug, spread her cheek with one hand, and put the point of the plug to her hole with the other. She pushed the plug in until it started to widen just past the width of the finger she’d used then started to fuck herself with it. Feeling cocky, she tried to push in another half inch and quickly discovered the point where her asshole was stretched to the point of pain and I heard a definite grunt. She began to understand that the trick was to push it to the pain threshold and a little past then wait for the pain to subside. After 30 minutes she was fucking herself with just over an inch and a half of plug and seemed to be enjoying it. Another 30 minutes saw another half or more disappear in her slowly widening hole. Since she couldn’t see the plug, she had no clue how much was left until she reached the widest part of the plug and just beyond when the bulb would narrow to nothing. With every thrust in she pushed harder until she had to let the pain ebb again. 90 minutes in now and she was close to the bulb but just couldn’t take the pain of the final push. She held what she had for a minute and then a change seemed to come over her. Her breathing had slowed and her body had stopped quivering. With no noise I was amazed as I watched the bulb go forward steadily until it was in her ass and her sphincter started to close over the narrowing base of the bulb to the stem. After a minute of heavy breathing she raised up to her knees and turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. She smiled as best she could and had a look of pride on her face.“Very good cum hound. How does it feel?”“I feel full, Sensei. I feel like I have to shit but I did it.”“Yes you did and now a reward. You may bathe or shower, your choice. Then we’ll have dinner, relax, and go to bed.”“You honor me, Sensei. Thank you.”Monica finishes the story of her first day of training.I gave myself the most luxurious bath I’ve ever had, pampered with oils and scents. After drying, I went down to the kitchen where my Sensei had prepared a delicious meal for us. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him or the smile off my face. He was my master and I’ve never felt so loved. When we went to bed he made the most tender, passionate love to me that I have ever experienced. His foreplay brought me to the brink of orgasm several times and I had to beg him for release when I felt that magnificent cock at the entrance to my, his, cunt. He released me and the wave swept me to another new peak of pleasure. He fucked me slow then faster. Soft then harder. Tears were streaming out of my eyes as I had never been here before. I had little cums and big cums until it ran together into one continuous cum. I passed out when the first jet of his seed hit my cervix; thinking that tomorrow was another training day.Next – Advanced training.


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