then fuck your sloppy翘臀后进呻吟喷水的少妇

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then fuck your sloppy翘臀后进呻吟喷水的少妇

After awhile Tegan heard people reenter the room. It definitely sounded like more than one person. She sensed someone approach between her legs and took a deep breath as she awaited penetration. Whoever it was was taking her ass again and she winced slightly as she felt them press against her battered pucker then let out a startled whimper as more pressure was applied and she felt herself forced open. Whoever was entering her was impossibly big, and she instinctively tried to pull away.“Shhh.” Said a soothing female voice and she felt a soft hand stroke her cheek.“Gnndy?!” Tegan enquired incredulously.“That’s right babe.” Candy replied as she urged her hips forward, doing her darndest to gently – but steadily – make her giant strapon fit into Tegan’s asshole.“Nnnh.” Tegan protested through her gag, remembering how excited Candy had been at the prospect of fucking Tegan in the ass no more than 12 hours ago. She assumed James must be here too, one of the men who’d already fucked her.“You’re doing great babe.” Candy purred, as finally Edgar’s tapered tip forced Tegan’s tight hole open until it was wide enough to accept the shaft. Tegan whimpered again, her feet and fists clenching and unclenching. She was helpless against the assault, and had a mental image of Edgar – the thickness and length of two soda cans end to end - completely rearranging her insides.“Look at her go!” said a male voice from off to one side. Tegan didn’t recognise it, or at least she didn’t think she did. It was hard to focus on anything but burning sensation of her anus stretching open, the giant red dildo disappearing inch by agonising inch inside her, and she panted hard trying to calm herself. She remembered her competition in the Halloween event, Zoe, taking an impossible looking Dragon dildo the same way, and reasoned that she would be ok, as long as she relaxed, and Candy was careful. All the same, she had never felt more helpless and as the object stabbed deeper inside she very nearly quit. She felt impossibly full, to the point all she could feel was fullness.“Almost there babe.” Candy purred.“Ammog?” Tegan pleaded. She felt like her abdomen was going to burst. Finally, she felt Candy’s lower belly press against her crotch, telling her that she had bottomed out. She was shaking with a rush of endorphins.“Great job!” Candy enthused. She fumbled with the buckles of her harness then reversed them, strapping the thigh straps of the harness around Tegan’s thighs and pulling them tight. Tegan’s muscles tried to push out the large intruder but it gave about an inch then stopped, held in place by the harness.Candy got on her knees between Tegan’s legs and started to lick her pussy, her tongue exploring her slimy hole between her puffy lips, sucking her clit and nibbling gently at her inner labia. Tegan felt her muscles clenching in response and groan each time her ass clenched around Edgar, giving her no reprieve.After a minute or two of oral ministration, Candy moved up and licked Tegan’s belly. Tegan wondered if she was cleaning up the messes the men had left behind and her question was answered when Candy spat a mouthful of sticky semen and saliva directly into her face, eliciting a ripple of chuckles from the men. Then she felt Candy start rubbing her clit with two fingertips before inserting the fingers into her vagina. With Edgar taking up most of the space in her pelvis, this was unusually difficult.“I don’t know how you guys expect to keep using her pussy, she’s definitely at capacity.” Candy remarked sympathetically, withdrawing her fingers and idly twiddling Tegan’s inflamed clit. Tegan let out a strained whimper of agreement.Jackson sat down on the bed by Tegan again, caressing the side of her face that wasn’t glazed with cum and spit.“I have a proposition for you sweetheart.” He cooed. “I’m going to give you a codephrase.”“Mmh?” Tegan queried.“The codephrase is ‘your eyes sparkle like emeralds’. Understand?”“Mmhm”. Tegan remembered Jackson telling her that once, one on of their first dates.“So here’s the deal. We take the dildo out, and none of the guys fuck your ass for the rest of the night. But from now on, if anyone tells you ‘your eyes sparkle like emeralds’, you have to let them have you. No matter who they are. No matter when, no matter where.”He paused a moment to let that sink in, idly stroking her nipples.“Alternatively, we let Edgar have your ass until we’re done.” He paused again then hooked a finger behind her gag, pulling it out of her mouth. She gasped for air, stretching her jaw, taking a few deep breaths.“I’ll do it.” She said haltingly.“Do what?”“The codephrase.” She swallowed thickly. “Take it out and I’ll do the codephrase.” She pleaded.Jackson sat back up and nodded to Candy, who began unbuckling the harness from Tegan and Tegan let out a strained groan as Edgar slid from her. It was certainly a lot easier going out than in, and she didn’t even want to think about what state her poor butthole was in. It didn’t seem to be closing up properly anymore. That was to worry about later.She had barely a moment’s reprieve before someone moved up and entered her again. She gasped in surprise as they took her forcefully and this time her moans of pleasure were unstifled by a gag as Jackson hadn’t bothered to replace it. She assumed by this point that a second round had started so she was surprised when the man didn’t last long, withdrawing from her and gripping her hair to lead her mouth to his twitching cock, shooting his load against the inside of her cheek as soon as it passed between her lips and she swallowed without a second thought. The next man was already inside her.She lost track of time and the number of men she took, at best guess it took another half hour to an hour for each of the six estimated men to have a second turn with her, each of them either feeding her a mouthful of hot spunk or shooting it on her tits. She came twice more, both of them forced out from somewhere deep inside leaving her shaking and breathless once she was done crying out. Occasionally someone that she assumed to be Candy would use her mouth on her nipples and take up a mouthful of semen from her skin, which she then shared with Tegan in a prolonged kiss.After the last man seemed to be done the room fell quiet and Tegan wondered if they’d all left to recharge for another round. She felt raw and sore inside, and her body ached from being restrained for so long. Candy, who had stayed by her side, fed her some water from a bottle which she gratefully accepted, as she was feeling quite parched.“How you going, babe?” Candy enquired softly.“Exhausted. I’m really feeling this one.” Tegan sighed. “I don’t suppose you know how much longer…?” she trailed off.“Jackson was pretty vague on that. Until everyone has had enough, I guess.”“What brings you here?” Tegan said, changing the subject as a distraction from her ordeal.“I go where James goes.” Candy answered, confirming Tegan’s assumption. Candy slid off the bed and seemed to get on her knees at the foot of the bed. Tegan let out a gentle sigh as Candy experimentally started to lick her tired pussy. Her soft tongue was very soothing as it lazily explored her folds, like a relaxing spa for her cunt.After a few minutes a voice near the door cracked the air unexpectedly, making Tegan jolt out of the daze she had fallen into from Candy’s soothing oral attention.“Is she ready?” Jackson asked.“As she’ll ever be.” Candy answered.“Wha-?” Tegan interjected half dreamily, but she was cut off as Jackson sat down on the bed next to her and pulled the gag back into her mouth. In any case got her answer very quickly. She felt the tips of Candy’s fingers, coated with a layer of lube, begin to push into her vagina entrance and she let out a muffled groan of protest as she realised what Candy was about to do.Candy pressed one hand down on Tegan’s pubis and used her thumb to play with her clit as she pushed with her other hand, working her fingers inside up to the knuckles. Tegan let out a shrill groan and bit down on her gag as the widest part of the other woman’s hand forced its way into her and squeezed her eyes shut, struggling as her knuckles cleared the tightest section, suddenly balling her hand into a fist and plunging it in deep, stretching her open all the way up to her cervix.Once she was in all the way she began to move, not so much in and out but moving her arm back and forth,24小时日本免费高清视频 the walls of Tegan’s vagina gripping onto the large irregular object lodged inside her. This was not Tegan’s first time with a fist inside her, but until now she did not consider herself to have been ‘fisted’ in the sense she understood it, but that was in the process of changing as Candy relentlessly pistoned her fist inside her.Jackson lay down and whispered into her ear.“I’ve always wanted to see you like this,” he confessed “I used to dream about you being fucked again and again, being forced to do things you never thought possible. I haven’t taken my turn with you yet, I wanted to save myself for last, then fuck your sloppy, loose little cunt.”“Nngh.” Was Tegan’s only possible reply, though it could easily have been in response to Jackson’s comment or just the fact that Candy was pumping her fist inside her.After a couple of minutes of intense fisting, Candy finally withdrew her hand from Tegan. Tegan expected that Jackson would now take his turn, making good on his statement, but instead she felt Candy spread her pussy lips with one hand and place the top of her fist up against her. She bit down on the gag expecting her to push it in again, but instead what happened felt quite peculiar. It took her a moment to visualise what was occurring but it seemed that Candy was using her hand to make a tight ring, and one of the men was fucking her hand, with just the tip of his cock sliding into her ruined pussy hole.Aided by Candy’s hand as she muttered dirty talk, urging them to “dump their load” and “cream this bitch”, it didn’t take long and she felt a warm spray shoot into her. The next guy hot swapped in, and then the next, and the next, until all six of them had gone again with the combination handjob/pussy fuck. She could feel the mix of her juices, semen and lube trickling down her ass.Finally, after the last guy finished, Jackson got off the bed and took his place. He groaned in satisfaction as his straining hardon plunged into her slippery depths, gliding effortlessly into her messy bucket. He pounded her with reckless enthusiasm, gripping her throat with one hand and started smacking her tits with the other, eliciting a constant stream of gasps of whimpers from her as he used her, and somewhere in the mayhem another orgasm overwhelmed her, leaving her on the verge of passing out, but Jackson showed no signs of slowing.Although his anticipation had built up over the course of the evening, it still seemed to take a long time before she heard the telltale rumblings in Jackson’s throat that he was getting close, then abruptly and without warning or slowing down he slipped out of her pussy and slid his cock into her ass, his flared purple head easily pushing through the swollen ring of muscles as he buried himself up to the hilt in a single stroke. She felt his cock pulse over and over, seeming to shoot a neverending stream into her bowel.In a small way she felt betrayed as Jackson had promised no more anal tonight, but technically he had only said the guys wouldn’t… she imagined he deliberately excluded himself for the purpose of this big finish. On the upside, that meant that this was over.Jackson pulled out and stepped back, surveying his handiwork with satisfaction then she heard him address the others.“Great work guys. Candy, if you could deal with the mess?” he said airily and she heard Jackson and the other men shuffle out of the room as Candy began to untie the restraints holding Tegan in her vulnerable, exposed position. As Tegan unfolded from her human pretzel shape she could hardly move and simply sprawled across the end of the bed, too tired to even remove her mask. Once the last of the rope and the gag was untied from her, Candy got between her legs again and began to clean her aching pussy with her mouth again.“What’re you doing?” Tegan asked, weakly.“Sorry, couldn’t help myself.” Candy said slyly, then crawled up Tegan’s body, her heavy tits dragging along Tegan’s slender, prone body. Tegan was only slightly surprised to discover Candy was naked. Candy lifted the blindfold off Tegan’s face and threw it aside, kissing her on the lips for a long time. Tegan was almost, but not quite, too exhausted to reciprocate.“How you doing?” Candy asked pleasantly.“I’m not gonna lie, that was rough.”“Are you ok?”“I think so.”“That was so fucking hot.” Candy murmured, pushing herself up and straddling Tegan’s waist. “James and I have hosted gang bangs before but nothing that extreme.”Tegan just smiled weakly, instinctively she found her hands resting on Candy’s hips.“I just hope things go back to normal down there.” Tegan mused.“Oh, you’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” Candy assured her.They were silent for awhile.“I never knew Jackson was so… raw. I mean he always wanted to get me to do… you know, sharing stuff. But this…” Tegan took a deep breath then let it out slowly, she could feel some emotions bubbling to the surface.“From what I understand you gave Jackson the impression he could do anything he wanted this weekend. So he went all out. Nothing off the table.”“That’s true.”“Do you regret that?”“No.” Tegan said firmly, and knew she meant it. She was already feeling better.“Jackson and James said I could sleep over tonight.”“I don’t know how much fun I’ll be, if I’m being honest.”“I know. I doubt the guys have any juice left tonight anyway. But I’m just gonna hang out, and in exchange for including us tonight, James is letting you and Jackson have me tomorrow.”




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