which was fine强奷蹂躏屈辱少妇系列小说

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which was fine强奷蹂躏屈辱少妇系列小说

My little pet was doing well, she was taking to the training without even understanding that she was being trained.After I played with her sex a bit more, I lifted my had, flattened it, then, keeping carful eye contact with my new sub, I started a new form of training by giving her nipple nearest me a light ‘slap’.I stared at her, ad did it again…again….and again, the last time just a tiny bit harder.I then smiled as I began to use the same hand to rub outward circles from her areola, then I lowered my mouth to her waiting nipple.She had given little surprised grunts with each pop, but not a big reaction.As I suckled that almond-shaped nipple, I used that same flattened hand to very quickly and very lightly begin to brush VERY quickly across her clit.My new sub-toy reacted immediately, giving a raising wail, and I slowed and stopped, repeating the same process on the other nipple.By the time I was at her clit this round, she was looking at me with a bit of a grimace, and I when I started she began the long moaning wail all over again. Annalise was all but beside herself.Twice now she had felt the wave of orgasm building, and twice, she had been denied.Twice now she had been in subspace, and twice she had been pulled out of it. And now, this Man was doing it again.When he gave her those little ‘pops’ with his hand, she oddly did not seem to mind.She had been raised to NEVER allow anyone to hit you of course, but she found herself so ‘open’ to him, she knew it was OK, and as a result, it seemed to help her remain in that loved subspace.Now though, when he began“tribbing” her clit?Wow that was too much, and she just let her hips naturally push into it.The second set of ‘pops’ were even more erotically excruciating, and when He did it yet again, she found herself a mess, absolutely begging to be stretched.This time, after I slowed, I raised the fingers, but THIS time, I gave the area ju-u-ust below her clit a really light ‘pop’.My sub reacted with a loud “UH!”Leaning over, I used my tongue to ‘flick’ her clit, then gave it a kiss…then the same ‘pop’ on the labia.My sub cried out louder this time, but it was not from pain.Rather, she began to moan “P-Ple-Pleas-s-se……Please…”she panted and looked quite distressed.She wanted me.So I did what any proper Dom would do.I teased her like that again.This time though, the pop was very slightly harder, and I liked that there was a very satisfying wetness in that finger pop.In fact, it made me chuckle.We had been at this for some time, and it’s not like I get to do with anyone, especially a gorgeous sub like Annalise, so the fact is I was of course flag-pole horny.Fact is, the little head was REALLY wanting to do the thinking for the big head, and to say I as good with that was an understatement.The chair that we had been using was an extra-wide ‘club’ type chair, with fat pillows inside the chair arms, perfect for my intended purposes.Standing my new sub up, she knew what was coming, so I whispered “I’ve had a vasectomy”“I’m on the pill.”She counteredI smiled and turned her (remember, her arms were still bound), and tugging on pillow over the arm, my sex toy happily quickly leaned over the pillow, her gorgeous ass on full display.There was no need touch that incredible pussy, you could see the dampness, which was fine, cause my dick at this point was aching.So stepping forward just a bit I felt her lips wrap ‘round the head, and while holding her ass cheeks open, I gave a long steady pu-u-u-sh.The feeling of her wet walls gripping my stiff member made me groan, and I had no intention of doing anything slow, my dick was HARD, so grabbing her forearms that were bound across her back, I pulled out a bit, then gave a powerful THRUST.She yelped.I groaned.I then repeated.I was not going for speed, I was going for power, and I pounded into her , HARD.“You like that don’t you?”Thrust…thrust…thrust…. “Tell me you like it, pet”… Thrust…thrust…thrust….”Tell me!”..Thrust…thrust…thrust….Feeling her Man’s dick invade her in a continuous pu-u-u-sh and my girth made her call out.The yell was more from passion than pain, although there was pain.The difference was, she liked that pain.The very thing that she had been taught should never happen, that of having pain applied to her, was proving to be incredibly erotic.So much so, the well was full now, and she was needing to cum.The orgasm was there, and her hips were tightening.His commands bought a few moments, and she answered him.“Ye-Yes…I DO like it!”Annalise said between pants, “I LIKE YOUR DICK!”She yelled.She was shrieking now, and she felt His pumps getting faster. “C-Cum in me…PLEASE let me cum!”Annalise called aloud.I heard my sub beg and, truth be known, I was about to blow my load as well, so I loudly I said “Cum girl….I…thrust-thrust…said thrust-thrust…CUM!..” and when I pushed in that time, I grabbed her hips and dumped my load with a mighty lions roar.OK, and old lion, with maybe a wheeze in there, but a lion nonetheless I DID manage to hold just long enough to hear Annalise scream and begin shaking uncontrollably, so I knew I had truly done my best work.I was wheezing and had to stay in her for more than a minute, just steadying myself.“the pipe” was now a hose. growing soft as it slipped out of my sex toy.I was able to regroup enough to release and completely unravel the ropes from ‘round her arms.Aftercare is very important, So I guided Annalise over to a small antique daybed I had against the far wall.Laying her one her stomach, I took care of my new property, rubbing the shoulders, biceps, and back.Using the one unstained pillow from our activities, I moved over and behind my toy.Spooning up to Annalise, my flaccid dick at the base of her ass.She may have been much younger, but she apparently had the same submissive link tied to the subspace, because she not only relaxed into me, she pulled one of my arms in closer to hold her.Annalise had matched her Man’s breathing, and he was tired.But then again, so was she.She felt his sticky manhood pushed against her and, pulling his arm in close to her, she snuggled back into him.None of the boys and young men (who truly were boys) had ever done this, and she decided she liked this.Being under His control meant also being under His protection.As she lay there snuggled with her lover, her mind was both shutting down, and racing all at once.‘WHY do I like this?’ she asked herself, ‘and HOW do I hit that orgasm level again?’She knew she couldn’t have a real relationship with a man that was 3x her age, but she pushed that out of her mind.He was lightly sleeping now, and she felt herself relaxing to.Annalise at last shut down,18禁无遮挡啪啪摇乳动态图 and sleep overtook her. ***I woke with the wonderful smell of my sub’s hair, the result of snuggling before and during the nap.Opening one eye, I noticed by the clock we had been out for a little more than an hour, and I liked the feel of my cock nudging the underside of her ass.My sub seemed to still be out, but when I shifted as I woke, I knew it would in turn cause her to shift.I hadn’t gotten laid this much in a long time, but then again, I hadn’t been with such a lovely beast either, especially one that I could literally ‘show the ropes’ to. The old dick was feeling the wear, but had stiffened just a tad.Truth was, I needed a break.I had an idea, a loose plan if you will, but would just have to see how it goes.I slowly pushed my hips forward, and felt my dick slide to just behind my sub’s pussy, and she did stir.Annalise awoke in her lover’s arms, and it felt very nice.A very big part of her wished he was younger, and that she was older, she could get used to this.She had pushed that out of her mind several times already, but the difference in ages, and what her Man had been doing to her was weighing heavy on her mind.Annalise’s last boyfriend had tried to tell her she wasn’t going to find better than him, that she deserved no better.That was bullshit, but it really cut deep, so being appreciated like this was a nice change, but it all brought with it-it’s very own set of emotions.Feeling the mushroom head rub her ass was certainly a unique way to wake up, she had to admit.Shifting a bit, Annalise and her lover both sat up on the little daybed, naked, facing each other “I need to know something” she askedI knew this was coming “Go ahead”“how do you know my body so well that you can make me do these things?”I smiled “Annalise, it’s like I said, it starts with trust.You had to let me do these things.I know that what I have shown you is counter-culture to the world, but really, have you ever had a more powerful sexual experience?”“well honestly? No, and I’ll even admit, I liked it and wouldn’t mind doing it again before this time, um, ‘ends,’ but part of me worries about the ‘how’, know what I mean?”“yes, what you are experiencing is called ‘reactance’, and it is a bit of guilt, tinged with the powerful feelings you just experienced.Here are a few things to know, my pet.THIS is strictly between you & I, yet if you wanted to be in public with me, then that is fine too.But this emotion is natural.What you just experienced is a true “Power Exchange.”And admittedly, it is a lot to handle, but I would think you can handle it, not problem.”“I have to admit…I have enjoyed it.But WOW is this intense.”She played into my hands perfectly.“Tell you what. Our time together is now short, but we can slow it down just a bit.Why don’t you head over while the workmen are on break, freshen up, and come back, maybe in something casual.We’ll go grab a quick bite to eat.I have to make a stop, then we come back here, and see how things go. OK?”In a while, Annalise was back, this time wearing some simple shorts and a button down shirt.We then made our way out, and had a light lunch.It was all going well, my pet appeared to be enjoying being in public with me.The ‘causal glancers’ thought her to be my child, which was fine.I decided it was time for a new little test, as I steered the car right into the parking lot of the local sex shop.Annalise’s eye popped WIDE at the location they had just pulled into.‘Make a stop indeed’, she thought.“Umm….”“well I figured as long as we’re rolling by…” I said, with a sly grin.Opening her door I said “Besides, I figure as long as I have you for a day or so more, might as well get one or two naughty/sexy things to have some fun with & see you in.”Annalise entered the store with some trepidation.She and her friends had joked about the place, and now, here she was in it!There was bondage gear, a whole slew of dildos and lubes, but it turned out that her Man was really just there for the lingerie.It was definitely ‘sluttier’ than anything at a mall, but what he picked out was really kind of nice, all things considered.She was actually flattered that someone had spent money on her like this, especially when he saw her eyeing a rather expensive silk robe.It had a print on it she fancied, and it was rather tame compared to the other items in here.He insisted she have it, and it went in the bag as well…along with a nonde*********** box.She enjoyed the joking as they rode back to his place, and getting out of the car, she noticed the workmen were nearly done.Those efficient workmen, damn their hides.The ONE thing I forgot to do was to tell them to do this slowly.The job did look good, though.Annalise slipped into my house while I spoke them.They let me know that they would have it ‘distressed’ by tomorrow and done.That just meant the furniture delivery, and then they were done.Actually, I’m sure the Garcia’s will be home in a day or so at most, so it’s all about done anyway.Damn.I was really enjoying myself, too.Annalise had just exited the car and made a beeline inside Robert Barnes house.She didn’t need those nosey-ass workmen seeing her carrying a bag from a sex shop, especially headed into her neighbor’s house.Seeing the work nearly done was both good and bad.Good that she did not have to face the consequences of her parents, bad that she was really starting to enjoy exploring her sexuality this way.Alas, it would soon end, but she could enjoy it for the moment, right?Annalise smiled at that thought, and pulling one item in particular out of the bag, along with her robe, Annalise pulled a barstool to the center of the door entering the hall, and left a note on it, then went immediately to the guest bath off the hall to take a quick shower.It excited and disappointed me to see that my pet was getting into this, as our time together was coming to an end, but hey, might as well make the most of it.I took out the item in the box, and gave it a quick wash.I then took it back to the bedroom, noting along the way that was shower was going in the hall bath.I placed the same stool in the hall, flipped the note over and simply drew and arrow on it.I then stopped just long enough to pop another blue pill, was quietly thankful I had not yet had a heart attack, then got a quick shower, getting mentally ready for the afternoon’s activities




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